How to get a vaccine appointment

To make an appointment to receive a vaccine, please complete one of the following options:

Check regularly. When vaccine appointments are available, you will be able to schedule an appointment online on this site. Once the available appointments are full, the appointment option will close. This process will repeat regularly until everyone has been vaccinated or until vaccine becomes more readily available.

Call the NEK Shot of Hope Hotline at 913-308-2415 regularly. When vaccine appointments are available, you will be able to request one using the hotline. When appointments are not available, it is an information line only. The line will regularly be updated with each vaccine shipment.

Sign up for emergency CodeRed phone calls. Is you reside in Atchison County, you may sign up to receive a phone call, text, or email when vaccines appointments are available. Visit the County website or call 913-804-6131 to sign up for CodeRed.

Do not call organizations directly. If you check checked the hotline or website and appointments are not available, that means vaccines are not available through NEK Shot of Hope. Amberwell Health, the Atchison Community Health Clinic, and the Atchison County Health Department are all currently administering vaccine at events organized through NEK Shot of Hope. These organizations cannot schedule you for an appointment directly.

Sign up for email notifications

Anyone who is interested in receiving the vaccine is encouraged to share their interest by filling out the Interest Survey at This survey is completely optional and does not guarantee you will receive a vaccine. Completing the survey will provide you the opportunity to receive email notifications when vaccine and appointments are available. If you are unable to complete the survey online or do not have an email, you do not need to complete this optional notification survey.